Are you a view-centered or landmark-centered navigator?

Escape virtual mazes to find out what kind of navigator you are!

The test is in virtual reality (VR). It will be most fun with a VR-enabled device (Smartphone, Cardboard, Oculus, etc..), so if you have one, switch devices now!

Typical completion times are 10-15 minutes.


This test works differently on different devices. On a desktop computer, you will be able to navigate mazes with your regular keyboard and mouse. On a phone, you will be able to use your device motion to navigate the maze.


Please tell us a little bit about yourself. Why?

These questions are optional, but if you could answer them, that would really help us.

Have you taken this test before?

How old are you?

What is your gender?

Compared to your family and friends,
I can qickly orientate myself in a new environment (e.g. city where I have never been before)?

Do you think being able to navigate well in unknown environments is a skill that can be learned and practiced?

When you navigate in unknown environments, do you use turn by turn instructions of a navigation system?

When you navigate in familiar environments, do you use turn by turn instructions of a navigation system?

How often do you use a computer?

In what country did you live most of your childhood?
(Please pick one that influenced you the most if you grew up in more than one)

Do you have normal or corrected-to-normal vision (including normal color vision)?


Instructions (read carefully!)

What kind of device are you using for the test?


Mental Rotations Test

For every row, look at the left-most object. Two of the other four drawings show the same object. Can you find those two? Click on the two identical objects. Remember that for each row, there are two and only two objects that match the target object. What is your best strategy in doing the problems? Because an incorrect choice is subtracted from a correct one, you are better off to check only one of the figures if you can be only sure of one. Of course, you will always try to get both of the figures that match.


Help us improve your virtual reality experience!

Did you encounter any technical difficulties or interruptions during this study?  

Did you cheat or in any way provide false information? If yes, how?  

Do you have any other comments for the researcher? Questions, Suggestions, or Concerns?


Your navigation style is .

How can I interpret this result?
Viewer-centered navigation means you learn routes by remembering the turns you took. In contrast, landmark-centered navigation means you look for landmarks to remember a route. Research has shown that both the maze escape and the mental rotation test tell us about what kind of navigators you are.

What's next?
Share this test with your friends to learn what kind of navigators they are!

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